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Evershiny Jewelry Creation Company Limited
Sterling silver (925) & brass jewelry manufacturer (OEM and ODM)
400 skilled artisans in-house
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Social Compliance Services Asia (SCSA), Macy, Disney, and Kohl's
European Union REACH and California Proposition 65
USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, and many others
220,000 pieces/month
Precious and semi-precious stones, Cubic Zirconias, crystals, pearls, opals, and synthetic stones 
10/14/18K gold, 18K rose-gold, silver, rhodium, and ruthenium with e-coating option available for anti-tarnish
0.125 micron - 3 microns (5 mils - 120 mils) *
Newness catalog 3 times a year (over 900 new styles per newness) (custom designs also available)
6 - 12 weeks depending on style and order size
US $5,000 across assorted styles (applies to the first order only)

50 pieces per SKU **
500 pieces per SKU for country exclusive and 1,000 pieces for worldwide (applies to open-line only)
50% deposit and 50% before shipment (100% deposit for sample orders)

Bank transfer (PayPal for samples - a 5% service fee will be added)

Airfreight via international courier service FedEx, UPS, or DHL to ensure fast and reliable delivery

* 1 micron = 0.001 of a millimeter

* Under 0.125 micron is mostly referred to as flash plating and is not part of our offering, as the quality is too low

** 50 pieces is per style/stone colour/chain length/plating color/base metal/brand. Ring sizes can be mixed within the 50 pieces.

** The same MOQ applies to re-orders. However, there is no minimum spend on repeat orders.

** MOQ for custom design is the same as above with an added tooling charge of US $50 flat rate per style.

    The tooling charge will not be credited back.