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Jewelry Production

At Evershiny, we understand that finding the right manufacturing partner is crucial to the success of a brand, which is why we pride ourselves as your ultimate one-stop service manufacturer for Sterling Silver and Brass jewelry. We expertise in creating each brand's collections that not only match their DNA/identity but also at the right price point. Our clients trust us to make the best decisions for their brand throughout the process, from initial designing, and sampling, all the way to bulk order production. We've got you covered on the production part, so you can focus on the selling.


Jewelry Packing

All pieces leaving Evershiny will be packed in a zip lock bag to prevent them from tarnishing. Anti-tarnish paper strips and barcode sticker printing service can also be provided at an additional cost.


We also offer in-house jewelry packing service on your custom packaging materials with a small handling charge. The packing cost depends on the complexity of the packing process and will be added to the unit price. Please do send over the packaging manual prior to costing.


As a member of Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI), we get certain benefits, including tax-free for importing unfinished goods, namely packaging materials. Therefore, our customers are welcome to ship their packaging materials directly from their supplier to our factory in Thailand. Your jewelry can then be boxed and labelled, ready to be sold once it gets to you! Packaging materials can be shipped to us in bulk quantities for use throughout the year with no additional storage charge.


Please note that we are not able to assist in sourcing packaging materials or buying them on your behalf. However, we do have a list of Evershiny-approved suppliers that we are happy to refer to.


Jewelry Photography

Evershiny can provide professional jewellery photography service on pieces ordered from us. These will be great for webshops and marketing use. The charge per edited shot/image starts at 15 USD with a minimum turnaround of 10 working days. Please provide reference images on the angle, composition, and image quality you want to achieve. Multiple file sizes can also be provided. Alternatively, we can also send over our portfolio to review. There is no need to order additional samples for this service, as we will pull the pieces directly from either your sample or bulk orders, which will be returned once done. Alternatively, we are happy to share photos that are being used internally on our end free of charge. The image quality is good enough to be processing POs and used within your organization, such as wholesale line sheets, pre-orders, sign-off meetings, etc. 

Additionally, upon request, we can provide 'behind the scenes' production photos and short videos of the items that have been placed bulk orders on, and are currently in production at the time of request. These will be useful, especially when factory visits are not always possible. Our in-house photographer will take these images and videos just for you, and they are free for you to use. These are great for promotional and marketing use and to show your customers the handmade process that goes into every piece and how your jewellery is 'touched by a thousand thumbs' before it makes its way to them. To use this service, please provide a list of the items you would like to be shot (a maximum of five, and we recommend this to be your best sellers or custom designs) and a few reference pictures and videos.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Repair

Minor and major repair services are available for your customer's wear and tear returns (including re-plating). A small repair charge will be applied depending on the type of repair.


Please note that the shipping charge is at the customer's expense, and we do not offer repair on items not made by us.

Image by Hans Reniers

Jewelry Testing

We partner with SGS, TUV, and Intertek Thailand (independent third-party testing houses) to meet our client’s expectations for quality and safety.


The testing service is available upon request, with the most common being the European Union's REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) chemical regulations. This includes the testing for nickel release, lead, and cadmium, with a charge of 250 USD per style for all three tests combined, excluding the sample cost. The samples will be sent straight from our factory to our designated testing houses, and a full detailed report will be provided to you at the end of the testing. Please allow ten working days for the testing process. Note that we offer a refund on testing costs (including product cost used for testing) on orders of 1,000 or more units per SKU within 1 year.

Testing for California Proposition 65 is also available.

Past test reports can be provided free of charge.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry Inspection

Although we conduct 100% in-house quality checks, inspecting each piece individually by hand, an independent third-party inspection house can also be arranged on your end to perform a "final random inspection" to verify the product quality before shipment. Please note that all arrangements and inspection costs are to be managed by the customer. Please do notify your sales rep. of this before confirming the order so an appropriate arrangement can be done.

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