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In order to stay updated on the current fashion trend, we have a very strong and dedicated design team that always keeps up with the latest jewelry movement. Our design team travels to international trade shows and conducts trend research/analysis through trade magazines, fashion blogs/websites, and social media sites, as well as networking in fashion circles. Combined with direct insights from head buyers across the globe, we design over 1,000 prêt-à-porter styles every year for both men's and women's jewellery.


To provide a constant stream of new designs to our customers, a "NEWNESS" catalogue gets sent out to our clients every 4 months (3 times a year), containing approximately 400 new SKUs with fresh styles, stacking up our open-line collection. At Evershiny, we are always pushing boundaries to create striking styles you won’t find anywhere else.

All our items are available to be made in both Sterling Silver and Brass bases. Now available in Certified Recycled Silver as well. Multiple plating color options are available, including Rhodium, 18K Gold, and 18K Rose-gold. As we use the same master mold and production process for both base metals, the outlook, as well as the quality/finish, will be exactly the same once plated. All jewelry supplied by Eveshiny is carefully crafted with specific hypoallergenic blends of nickel-free alloys. In fact, we proudly guarantee that all pieces crafted by Evershiny are free from harmful substances and skin/consumer-friendly.

Our product line includes the following:

  1. Necklaces - including chokers and y-neck lariats

  2. Bracelets - including braided cord bracelets

  3. Bangles - including memory wire bangles and cuffs

  4. Earrings - traditional studs, barbells, threaded flat-backs, huggie hoops, hoops, threaders, ear climbers, no-piercing ear cuffs, clip-on earrings, etc.

  5. Rings - signet rings, stackable rings, band rings, etc.

  6. Charms and pendants

  7. Belly chains

  8. Detachable face mask chains

  9. Collar pins

  10. Brooches and sash pins

  11. Metal hair clips/pins

  12. Scarf rings

  13. Apparel buttons

  14. Stethoscope charms

  15. Handbag logo hardware


  • Our current average unit price is at $7.76

  • Silver accounts for 56% of our production, while 44% is brass base.

  • Over 51% of our production on silver orders is now placed as recycled.

  • Based on the latest figures, 47% of our orders are ordered in gold plate, 36% are either silver or rhodium plate, and 2% are in rose-gold plating.

  • Over 53% of our customers prefer silver over rhodium plating.

  • For gold and rose-gold pieces, 16% of our customers currently plate in 0.125 microns thickness, 21% for 0.50 microns, 48% for 1 micron, and 14% for 1.5 microns or above.

  • Our biggest product category is currently earrings, which account for 52% of our production, 15% for charms, 12% for bracelets, 11% for rings, and 9% for necklaces.

  • Our open-line items currently account for 75% of our production, while 25% are custom designs.

To request a full catalogue or our latest newness, please visit the 'Contact Us' section. As we have a huge collection in our line, please do specify what you are looking for when inquiring.

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