Each client will have a designated Account Manager who helps manage from concept, and all the way to delivery, making Evershiny feel like your own off-shore factory.

At Evershiny, we strive to turn orders around as efficiently as possible. All pieces are handmade to order, so we do not keep any stock. Selling by piece only, not by the gram. Different pieces require different processes and different amounts of time to craft, so production times do vary from order to order. Please allow approximately 6 to 8 weeks for mass production and up to 12 weeks for orders placed during August - December.

Order Requirements

Please note that our typical minimum order spend is US $5,000 with a MOQ of 50 pieces/style/stone color/chain length/plating color/base metal/brand. Ring sizes can be mixed within the 50 pieces. The same MOQ applies to re-orders. However, there is no minimum spend on repeat orders. As much as we would like to support smaller growing or start-up brands, we cannot cover our costs on small clients. This is because of the time it takes our team to set up a new account, develop samples, and manufacture your product. If there is potential for the quantity to increase rapidly in the future, we do on occasion, make exceptions to this rule.

Sampling Process

  1. Evershiny welcomes and supports customers who wish to see product samples first in order to evaluate the quality of our jewelry before placing a bulk order. In fact, this is encouraged. Customers can order an assorted sample style with no more than 2 pieces per SKU. However, additional samples can always be requested for proto sample, salesman sample (SMS), pre-production sample (PPS), and shipment sample. Please note we do not distribute any product samples for free nor offset them against the orders as it costs us quite a bit to make, pack and post them to you. However, there is no minimum order amount for sample orders, and we do not charge a higher unit price for samples either. Thus, the unit price for sample and bulk will be the same. The lead time for samples is approximately 3 weeks (up to 5 weeks for new developments) upon payment received.

  2. Customers can order either from our open-line (off the shelf) pieces, make changes/tweaks from our existing designs to ensure originality (redesign a catalog item), or develop their complete own designs. If you do choose from our open-line, to enhance your branding/brand experience, a logo plate can be hung on all necklaces and bracelets, as well as logo engraving/stamping on earrings, rings, and charms.

  3. As for your own bespoke custom designs or any modifications (regardless of big or small changes), we charge a flat rate tooling charge of just US $50 no matter the size of the design to every new design you develop with us. Items developed with us will be kept exclusive to you only. Our tooling charge covers the technical drawing, up to 1 sketch revision, 3D CAD, and the master mold itself. In case if a re-sample is needed which requires a new mold to be made, another $50 charge will then be applied. MOQ for custom design is the same as the open-line​​.​ ​We take designs in any form, from rough hand sketches, CAD files, Instagram photos, technical drawings/packs, all the way to imitate the actual sample piece (recreate). Due to each manufacturer having its own manufacturing technique, for recreation pieces, slight adjustment needs to be accepted as long as the overlook remains the same. A typical tech pack will include a rough sketch, the measurements, reference/inspirational images, stone type/color/size/cutting (if applicable), chain length and type (if applicable), base metal, and the plating color needed. The files can be sent in any format (PDF, AI, etc.). As for sample costs, on top of the US $50 mold charge, there will just be the unit cost of the sample piece itself.

  4. Upon receiving your tech packs, our technicians will evaluate the product feasibility, durability, and production cost optimization to order to ensure a quality, fit-for-purpose product can be bulk produced. If they are workable, we will revert back with a 2D technical drawing. This will be in the PDF format so they can be printed out on your end to review the overall look, and in true scale as well so it gives you the opportunity to check the size.

  5. Once the artwork is approved, it will be sent to our costing team. Please note that a preliminary quote for any new designs is an estimate only. We will revert back with the final price once an actual sample has been made. However, based on our experience, most of the time the estimated prices are very accurate. However, if we do have to adjust, they will typically be 5 to 10% up, or even down from the initial estimates.

  6. Once you approve our quotation, we will then issue you a sample PI (Proforma Invoice) which outlines any costs of sampling for you to confirm. All prices quoted are FOB term, so the shipping cost is not be included. Please note that a 100% deposit is required for your sample orders to proceed. We accept payment via either bank transfer or Paypal (for invoices less than US$ 500). Please note that PayPal will result in a 5% service fee. Sampling will start upon receiving your proof of payment, thus please do forward us the bank slip once transferred. Please note that we do not share any CAD renderings (3D files) nor send any photos during the sampling stage.

  7. For shipping, please advise the account number of your preferred shipping carrier. However, if you do not have one, you are welcome to use our account. For samples within 0.5 kg, we charge a flat rate shipping charge of $35 for any destination worldwide via FedEx.

  8. For customs paperwork, please do inform us if you need any HTS codes or EORI numbers to be present on the invoice. Where applicable, our shipping team can support you with applicable Free Trade Agreement (FTA) paperwork for your country to reduce your cost of import tax. For Australian customers, we will auto-apply the FTA (Free Trade Area) form (can also be called Certificate of Origin Form) as it is a compulsory document to import into Australia. A US $20 charge per shipment (regardless of sample or bulk order) will be billed to the invoice.

  9. When the samples are shipped, the tracking number and invoice will be automatically forwarded to you so you can track them. In normal circumstances, please expect 3 working days before it reaches your doorstep. However, depending on location, international shipments can sometimes be delayed by local customs for inspection, which can extend the delivery time. All paperwork and shipping documents will be provided by our end. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any customs/import charges that occurred in your destination country.

Ordering Process

  1. If you are happy with the samples received and are ready to place an order, please send over your PO (Purchase Order) with our item number, plating color, and quantities needed. Please note that we offer a price break at 500 units/style/stone color/chain length/plating color/base metal/brand and per PI. Ring sizes can be mixed within the 500 pieces. The level of discount depends on the complexity of the design and is typically between 1 - 5% at the maximum.

  2. As silver is a precious metal, please note that the prices for Sterling Silver base pieces will fluctuate accordingly to the market silver price, referencing from Kitco. The rate used on your PI will be of which when the PO is received. The live silver price can be viewed here.

  3. We will then revert back with a PI (Proforma Invoice) with the expected ship date for you to confirm. Please ensure you check all details in this document carefully before confirming. If all the information on the PI is correct, please arrange the 50% deposit and forward the bank slip once transferred. Depending on the style and order size, our standard lead time is 6 to 8 weeks, and can only start upon receiving your proof of payment. 

  4. When the order is finally ready to ship, we will then inform you along with the invoice to arrange for the balance payment before shipment. If you are using our FedEx account, the freight cost will be advised on the invoice then. As it varies depending on the location and size/weight of your order, the shipping charge cannot be advised beforehand. Upon receiving your bank slip, the shipment will be released and you will be advised of the tracking number.

Lead Time

Off-peak season (order placed during November - July)

  • Sample order: 3 - 5 weeks

  • Bulk order: 6 - 8 weeks (up to 12 weeks on larger orders)


Peak season (order placed during August - October)

  • Sample order: 4 - 6 weeks

  • Bulk order: 8 - 10 weeks (up to 12 weeks on larger orders)


Below are some good general indications on timelines to assist you with planning your next collection. The actual timeframe is subject to season, product style, order size, and communication flow between both parties.

  • Art working/sketching = 1 - 3 days

  • Costing = 1 - 3 days

  • Sample orders = 3 - 5 weeks

  • Bulk orders = 6 - 8 weeks

  • Shipping = 3 days

Product Guatantee

Our products are 100% guaranteed for workmanship and all orders cover manufacturing defects. If you happen to receive faulty or defective items, we kindly ask you to inform us within 7 working days of receiving the order. We will happily provide a replacement, free of charge repair, or credit note. All costs incurred (including transportation) will be covered, provided that all supporting information has been properly given. Please note that every step of the crafting process is done by hand and as such may have some small flecks or scratches. No two pieces are ever exactly alike adding to their unique handmade characteristics. Items that have been damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, by accident, improper handling, lack of care, or through misuse will not be considered faulty and will be void from the guarantee.