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          a sustainable jewelry manufacturer

Our fully-owned best-in-class production facility is situated in the suburb of Bangkok (Thailand), covering 9,300 square meters with approximately 400 skilled craftsmen in-house (all full-time). We have passed numerous numbers of quality audits and inspections exclusively conducted by reputable companies. Our factory is currently certified by Macy, Disney, Kohl's, Social Compliance Services Asia (SCSA), and the globally recognized Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).


Clients are welcome to come in and discuss their project or build a collection with one of our dedicated teams. Learn how to make your jewelry sustainable, and cost-effective, or be inspired by the endless possibilities from our open-line. Factory visits are by appointment only. Hotel and airport pick-up services are also available upon request. The closest airports to fly into are Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Muang (DMK), which are both approximately 1-hour drive to the factory. It will also take 1 hour from Bangkok's city center. The closest BTS Skytrain station is Bang Wa.


For directions and to schedule a visit, please visit the 'Contact Us' section.


All jewelry created by Evershiny is masterfully crafted by our native artisans in Thailand. We are proud to be supporting the local craft and working alongside our terms of specialist jewelers within our community. Using the traditional method of lost wax casting only, every individual piece is hand-finished by real humans (never machines) to the highest quality standard using specialized skills that have been handed down through generations. From hand-carving, the designs in wax form, perfecting our castings, soldering/assembling individual elements together, polishing, hand-setting stones, plating (using only electroplating process), to finally, quality checking. Every stone is carefully selected as well for its brilliance and color; then cut, faceted, polished, and set painstakingly by hand. Our work requires exceptional precision, talent, and attention to detail. Our jewelry is ‘touched by a thousand thumbs’ before it makes its way to you. That is the standard of hand-craftsmanship and quality behind every Evershiny-made piece. All materials that we use are carefully handpicked, meticulously quality controlled, and ethically sourced as well.

Our technical equipment/machinery includes the following:
CNC engraving machine
CNC machine

Drilling machine
Die casting machine
Spin casting machine


Laser engraving machine

3D printer

In addition, orders are now managed by our computerized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management software to enhance efficiency and provide real-time production data and statistics. We are also constantly integrating new products, as well as actively investing in R&D and new technologies. At Evershiny, we are proud of being extremely open-minded and are always open to new suggestions and ideas in order to continuously improve the way we operate. We believe our path is crossed by input coming in from all parts of the world, from Europe to Australia, which really enables us to know exactly what is trending and in demand.




We like to think that our factory is a place made of technology, innovation, and experimentation. It is an adventure in itself working inside a factory. However, beyond the machines, it is people who make the difference. People are at the heart of what we do, and are the most important part of our business, from our jewelry designers to our talented craftsmen and craftswomen. Furthermore, having the production done locally is vital to us as it supports our very own community by providing career opportunities and aids in stimulating our local economy.


Evershiny has been audited by independent companies to ensure all workers are being treated fairly. We pay fair living wages, maintain a safe working environment, and no child labour is involved in any process of making our jewelry. In addition, we run a very transparent workplace, where all members within the organization are encouraged to speak out, ask questions and learn about all aspects of the company.

Our artisans work 8 hours a day with a 1-hour lunch break, 6 days a week. They receive 6 days paid annual leave, with 13 days paid public holidays, x1.5 overtime pay, end-of-year bonus, and social security benefits. Free training programs and upskilling are also provided to help them truly master their craft. At Evershiny, we believe that a piece of jewelry holds the spirit of the individual who made it, so we go out of our way to ensure that all our workers are taken care of.

Did you also know that it takes 6 months to fully train a silversmith?




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