Consultancy Service 

Our one-off 2-hours comprehensive jewelry production consultancy service will guide you through all the key information you need to get your jewelry business going. Whether you are a creative entrepreneur/designer/influencer/start-up looking to launch a jewelry brand or a well-established firm looking to tap into the fast-growing jewelry sector, our professional expert is here to help. With a master's degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship from London College of Fashion, and having to work in the jewelry trade for over 6 years with the most reputable multinational jewelry houses in the industry, our experienced consultant will answer any questions you may have.


Below are a list of the most popular topics we usually get requested to cover:​

  1. The essential check-list and key areas to focus when scouting and vetting suppliers

  2. Guides on how to secure the right manufacturer that is most suited for your business size and type

  3. Pointers on how to work directly with a factory and become their key business partner

  4. Insider tips on how to negotiate better payment term, lower MOQ, tooling charge exemption, etc. with your vendor

  5. Brief collection run-through, as well as providing knowledge on design versus price optimization

  6. The latest key jewelry trends and movement to follow or watch

  7. Technical advises on different types of base metals and plating specifications in order to optimize the balance between price and quality

  8. Common misconceptions and myths on everything about plating

  9. Sustainable eco-friendly materials that are available in the market to incorporate at the moment

  10. Suggestions on reasonable wholesale and retail margin, as well as the RRP


With our help and expertise, you will be able to get the ball rolling much faster and more importantly, in the right direction. Our goal is to save you countless hours of internet research, and minimize your trial-and-error money in the long run.


The consultancy fee is US $300 net and the session will be conducted via Zoom. To secure a booking, please introduce yourself/your company briefly and mention your preferred date and time to